The New Heated Razor from Gillette Labs

Beginning of the year it was all about Gillette’s new Skinguard Sensitive razor, a razor which we praised to the heavens because it finally partly solved the irritative shaving challenge.

A few months down the line before the Skinguard parade bus could return to its garage, Gillette drop yet another innovative shave aptly calling it the Heated Razor. First thing to note is when introducing the Heated Razor to us we find that the name now falls under Gillette Labs (instead of just the usual naming of Gillette). When we asked about what this meant for the brand we were informed this was an additional branch of Gillette tree that specialises in the further R&D (research & development) of their shaving products, which is not just a one of thing.

Gillette Labs Heated Razor_action

The Heated Razor by Gillette Labs brings us yet another milestone in the day to day regime of shaving. A tradition that has remained virtually the same for decades has had another element added to it, which will help to make your shaving experience less of a chore.

CEO of P&G Global Grooming Gary Coombe says: “We know men love the sensation of a hot towel shave and now they can enjoy that same luxurious experience every day in their bathroom.”

How many times have you been for a hot towel shave and felt like million bucks? The new Gillette Heated Razor has been built to give you the good feeling of a hot shave, whether you’re at home in the mornings, or getting groomed for the day at the office.

And now for the techy bits on the Gillette Labs Heated Razor:

Warming bar: The main star of the show here. The stainless-steel warming bar distributes heat quickly, giving you a maintained warmth with every stroke through your shave. You can select two temperatures for your shave; 50 degrees (which is starts with initially) or a cooler temperature of 43 degrees.

New FlexDisc technology: Off the back of the highly favoured Flexball technology Gillette put into most of their razors, Gillette Labs moves that further along in the Heated Razor with a FlexDisc version. The FlexDisc contours to your face like its predecessor, ensuring maximum contact as the warming bar works its magic.

Auto Overheat Protection: They’re asking us to put a heated metal bar to our face, which is mental when we say it out loud to ourselves. So it’s only right that Gillette Labs have reassured us with their automatic overheat protection. As it suggests, it maintains a safe and consistent heat in the Heated Razor, using intelligent sensors within the body of the razor.

100% Waterproof: To continue my preach of safety assurance Gillette Labs have made sure that the electricals in the Heated Razor aren’t compromised and damage users, by adding in vigorous waterproofing. We’re unsure of the IP level but it’s able to handle heavy rinsing, which we assume would make it IP65 at least.

Overall the Heated Razor from Gillette Labs is a thing of the future yet, featuring some of the simplest things to make a great shave. Putting against the face it does exactly what it says on the tin, providing the hot shave feeling as you continue to run it across your face.

5 blade technology isn’t my favourite personally when it comes to handling the irritation of more coarse hair. However, throw in the Skinguard Sensitive shave cream and you stand a little better chance from the sharpness of the 5 blade technology.

Gillette Labs new Heated Razor is available to pre-order directly from Gillette website, priced at £225 for the starter kit with an additional 8 blades (normal RRP £250). The standalone Heated Razor set will cost you £199. So If you’re in the market for a more comforting shave why not take the plunge?

Gillette Labs Heated Razor

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