Nike Pro AeroAdapt Keeps Training Cool

The rare summer season in the city is here and those highly anticipated summer holidays are all coming around the corner. So, in good fashion the body conscious of us all will start our efforts to restore that ‘summer body’ of ours. But if we’re going to this extent, why not do so with Nike AeroAdapt kit?

We had the pleasure last month of training with sportswear pro’s Nike, who recently launched their brand-new line of Nike Pro sports gear. Nike Pro has always been the pinnacle of what Nike can do to improve your intense sporting regime.

Nike AeroAdapt-front

Imagine an innovative material that’s designed to help keep athletes maintain their optimum temperature during training. Imagine a session where the thought of overheating, sweating or even getting a chill, ceases to interrupt your training. The time has finally come, thanks to the technology Nike call AeroAdapt technology.

Nike AeroAdapt-sport

How Nike AeroAdapt works

The value of maintaining a good body temperature, is worth more than some of us think. The key to optimum performance, is to be neither too hot or too cold.  As we train the level of air that reaches our bodies decreases, driven by clothing becoming denser the more we sweat. Somehow Nike have found a way to defy the laws of science and create a material that does the complete opposite the more you sweat.

Nike AeroAdapt-back_grill

Nike AeroAdapt technology has moisture reactive yarns that open up the moment it senses sweat, similar to how the pores in our skin open when warm. The wetter the material becomes from our sweat, the more it opens, letting out hot air and brining in cooler air.

Then as the moisture in the fabric begins to evaporate the AeroAdapt technology begins to reverse itself, closing its vents and traps the body heat again. This method then helps to ensure that athletes putting that work in, are being hit by unnecessary chill as they continue training.

The joy of this technology is that it effectively adapts itself to whoever wears it. If you sweat a little more than others, the technology will react and adapt to your body temperature. So, as the expression goes, one size really does fit all.

Nike AeroAdapt - side

The product was tried and tested by yours truly and loving every minute of putting the AeroAdapt kit to use. In fact, ever since being put through our paces by some of Nikes elite trainers, the AeroAdapt top hasn’t left the gym bag. Hoping maybe if we train harder, a few more might fall from the sky (one can dream).

The Nike AeroAdapt technology debuts in five garments, across both men’s and women. To turn your performance up a notch, head on over to the Nike site and check the AeroAdapt gear.

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