Lavair & Belvotti Trainer picks – AW22

Trainers or sneakers (whichever term preferred in the part of the world you’re in), we love to wear them and hate to live without them. But no mater how many times we tell ourselves we don’t need anymore, the little voice in our heads contradicts us and we end up back in the store for something new.

Lavair has been on the scene since 2019, with their first collection of trainers landing in the December of 2019. Intelligently crafted leather trainers using traditional Italian dress shoe techniques, on the silhouette of the modern-day footwear.

There’s comfort in knowing that a pair or trainers are made well enough to withstand the miles you’ll walk them through, but still stylish to keep your aesthetics in check (Thank you Lavair & Belvotti).

The Luna White Trainers

Lavair Luna White Trainers

There’s a lot of trainers out there, that bare similarity to each other, so it is important that brands make an effort to have a little bit of differentiation in them. Thankfully the Luna’s give a little difference that takes them off the shoe mould we’re all familiar with. And by familiar, I mean the signature Alexander McQueen trainers everyone fell in love with and swiftly found the feet of most men in the UK.

Thankfully a pair of white trainers will go with almost anything, so there is little need for detail on what the Lavair Luna trainers go best with.

Lavair Luna trainer tongue
Lavair Luna White Trainers back

And whilst they’re a pair of well-made trainers, being a sheep is becoming almost impossible to avoid. But if you’re not too fussed with this, but need to look less like the in-crowd, then the Luna is a good option.

The second pair of trainers finely added to the collection are the Zoff trainers from Belvotti Milano of….. UK? the Italian reference to Milan being in the name (because Italian brands often enjoy paying homage to the city/town they bore from) would suggest they came from the mother land, however, the owner is a product of the great motherland instead.

Belvotti Milano Zoff Trainers

Belvotti Milano Zoff Trainers

A birth child of someone who I know from Essex, United Kingdom; Belvotti Milano is a creation from none other than Mario Falcone. Some will know the name from the very early days of the notorious ‘reality’ show The only way is Essex. But do not let the reality TV back story fool you, you can see Belvotti Milano trainers on the feet of stylish men across Europe and maybe beyond.

Belvotti Milano Zoff logo

The Zoff trainers do not shy away from quality, which is immediately seen in the leather used to form the outer shell. They’re heavy duty and as of yet, they’ve been used mostly in office environments, not the great outdoors (because that’s not what they’re intended for).

These are definitely trainers for that new gen formal style, quite the trend in the new office fashion culture. But if like me you have a strict ‘white trainer uniform’ code, then these still sit perfectly well with everything else.

You can get the Belvotti Milano trainers directly at their website and the same for the Luna White trainers by Lavair

Belvotti Milano Zoff Trainers side

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